WHY? Because ‘why’

My apologies for the double entendre, but to clarify my Blog Title (‘ThreeSum’): I’m ‘The Third,’   this is the ‘Sum’ of my thoughts, and … and … well, I just wanted something catchy. No room for risqué writing here, no sir. Well, most of the time. Hopefully.

‘He who has a why to live can bear almost any how,’ according to Friedrich Nietzsche. The guy who raised brows (and blood pressures) with his ‘God is Dead’ declaration. More on that misunderstood statement in future (crossing my fingers. hard.) posts.


The how, in my case, is the writing. Prideful catch-up writing, to be more precise. I used to think I was a pretty decent writer, until I reconnected with my good elementary buddy Kap who co-hosts ABS-CBN’s Wheels TV Philippines. And THEN I caught up (thank you, Mark Zuckerberg) with a former colleague (from InnoData Corp., ah those blissful pre- social network days in old-schoolish Makati …) who just blew me away with her fantastic blogging. Damn you, Athena. I’m a work in progress again.


I came to the aid of a friend a couple of nights ago who was struggling with a flat tire. Her car was parked in a nearby mall, I had all the tools, the winter weather was perfect for a minor workout. So I swaggered over, all smug with my blue pullover, walking shorts and comfy Crocs, ready for a 20-minute sweat-free job tops. An hour later I conceded to one tiny lug nut, all wet and icky and mighty embarrassed. Mercifully, a friendly Thrifty employee ended my/our agony by nimbly stepping on the wrench and finally dislodging the metallic fiend.

Which brings me back to the writing.


Since when did changing a tire become such a colossal task? I had the gameplan down pat but my body just kept refusing my agenda (my arms were mumbling ‘it’s past bedtime’ while I heaved and ho-ed). My heart says it was too much rust, but my mind knows better – the years have crept in, and I have to deal with the not-so-young yet not-so-old me. I need to start rethinking and relearning stuff.

And so here I am, taking a jab at something that used to be a snap five to 10 years ago. I often chided my dad – my writing idol, God rest his soul – for his obsession with those mysterious things he called ‘drafts.’ But now I find myself in unfamiliar territory, having to jiggle the grey matter a little bit to dislodge anything sensible. And then joggle it some more to make the writing pop.

The point is, I have my ‘why’ and hopefully my ‘how’ justifies this journey. To those of you who happen by, have your fill of Pacencia biscuits first :))

PS – This is for my Dad & my Mom, the best reading and writing mentors one could ever wish for. This is for the young me, somewhere back there in time, dreaming. Just wait a little bit more, buddy. You’ll get there.






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  1. HELLO! Kelan ba to masusundan? Tapos na first year anniversary mo … once a year lang ba ang posting mo?? Thinking minds want to know …

  2. Uy, tula! Inspired yata 😛

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